Zoopharmacognosy and Equine Therapy- what are they?

Zoopharmacognosy and Equine Therapy- what are they?

Equine therapy using essential oils is a beautiful way to connect with your horse and help them connect with parts of themselves. Zoopharmacognosy is the ability of animals to self-select plant/mineral-based remedies that they are needing. Animals are amazing creatures, they don't have life and society to influence their opinions and they also, unlike us, know exactly what is good for them and they will go after that which makes them better. You might know a version of this when your dog or cat eats grasses when they are sick, this is the same principle. Horses love essential oils, not only are they super effective but due to the incredible power of their sense of smell they work exceptionally well for so many different reasons, it is truly amazing to watch how they respond.

So how does this work? In my consultation, I will ask you about your horse, their behaviour and health, and what areas you are wanting to work with. Then I select 3 Essential oils I think might be suitable, then your horse will decide which one they want. I teach you to look for all the behaviours your horse will do to tell me whether they are interested and then all the ways you can use essential oils with your horse. This is a beautiful bonding experience between a horse and their owner.

Essential oils can be used in Equine therapy for a variety of ailments or behavioural concerns with your horse, or just to build and strengthen your bond. Examples include nervous, anxious horses, fears, cuts, bites, fly sprays, separation anxiety, performance recovery, performance enhancement, focus, plus so much more.

I work with horses and their owners in a variety of settings, from 1:1 to groups and online spaces to educate on how to build on this relationship and understand how this works. I also will provide you with resources so that you can learn more yourself as well as support you through your journey. This is such an exciting offering and I cannot wait to work with you.

I only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essentials oils when working with horses so please check in before using any essential oils around your horse, you could cause damage, so please seek advice first.

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I am based in Sydney so can be booked to come to you, please reach out and see if this is possible: jaime@nourishingapothecary.com.


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