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We are passionate about supporting our clients' health and hormones, and so the Nourishing Apothecary store was born.

Founded by Sydney-based Naturopath & Homeopath Jaime Chew, we strive to provide products that are organic, natural and low-tox without compromising that luxury feeling.


You might be asking yourself, what really is Naturopathy and what does it involve?

Nourishing Apothecary provides personalised Naturopathic care to help our clients get to the root cause of their health problems by combining traditional healing approaches with contemporary health science knowledge. We are passionate about helping women improve their health and balance their hormones, there is hope.

We support couples throughout their fertility journey through preconception, pregnancy and their postnatal journey.

Whether long term health conditions or supporting yourself and your family through coughs and colds, we are a part of your healthcare team. 

Naturopathy practice emphasises disease prevention and healthy living and believes that in many circumstances, the body has the ability to self-heal using natural methods. Through herbal tonics, supplements, diet and lifestyle recommendations, we can bring you back to feeling like yourself again. 


Homeopathy is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the second-largest system of medicine in the world.

Homeopathy works on emotional problems while also working on physical conditions. Homeopathic preparations encourage the body’s own healing abilities to bring about long lasting relief from symptoms. Simply put, homeopathy helps by stimulating the immune system to react against disease, restoring balance mentally and physically.

Homeopathy is a system of wholistic health management. Through careful case-taking and exact observation of individual symptoms and idiosyncrasies, the homeopath takes you into account as a ‘whole’ person.


Fertility Couple Initial Consultation- 1.5 hours

Initial fertility consultations (90mins) are for both partners. It is recommended that both partners attend, where possible. The consultation will involve assessment of the medical history of both partners and discussion of your fertility journey.
Pathology tests will be examined, and any additional tests can be ordered. Patients will be taught how to chart the menstrual cycle and a fertility diet, lifestyle modifications and appropriate herbal medicines and supplements for both partners will be discussed.

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Fertility Couple Return Consultation- 60 minutes

In this return consultation (usually 6 weeks after the Initial Consultation), and again in following 10 weeks, results will be discussed and adjustments can be made as we get you on track to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

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Initial Consultation– 60 minutes

Nourishing Apothecary is an online clinic, based in Sydney, so please take note of your timezone when making a booking.

During your initial consultation, an extensive case history will be taken to gather an overview of your current health, including medical history, nutritional status, gut health, dietary analysis, and lifestyle factors. If you have any recent blood tests or other tests within the last 12 months please have these with you.

After your first appointment, an individual treatment plan will be arranged, and a 15-minute phone call will be organised to go through this so you understand how to proceed. The treatment plan may include nutritional supplements, diet, and lifestyle recommendations to help provide short and long-term relief, these can be delivered to you.

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Return Consultation– 30 minutes

As the Naturopathic treatment is progressive, treatment strategies are in-depth and must be monitored and reviewed to ensure you are receiving optimal treatment. This session is an opportunity to fine-tune and make any changes to your individualised treatment plan and to follow up on any pathology results.

The follow-up consultation will be three to four weeks after the initial consultation.

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Acute Consults -20 mins

As I am your natural health care practitioner, sometimes it’s not just the big things you need help with, but something urgent right now. This can be if you or someone in your household has an acute illness, such as a cold or flu, tummy bug, or if you are traveling. In these instances, we can have a quick phone or Zoom to work out how best I can help you and a prescription can be organised, whether supplements or a herbal liquid formulation.

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Discovery Call– 15 mins (Free)

This discovery call is for new clients for us both to see if we are the right fit for each other. A big part of the work I do is energetic, and so we need to be an energetic fit for each other. This is also great for you to give me an overview of what you want help with and to see if this is something I can help you with.

Send me an email and we can chat to find out whether we can work together.

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My email address is jaime@nourishingapothecary.com

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