Whether you are wanting to start a family or if you have been trying to conceive but have been unsuccessful, Naturopathy & Homeopathy can help.

Using a combination of tried and tested advanced Homeopathic Fertility protocols together we can get to the root cause of your fertility struggles looking at the 

If you are trying to conceive we ask that you spend 3-4 months working together with us to put yourself and your partner in the optimal chance to conceive, whether naturally or through IVF. The reason why we ask this is due to the fact that the life cycle of the egg and sperm is 3 months, so we want a full healthy life cycle to ensure the absolute best egg and sperm we can achieve. When it comes to working on fertility the longer the better, but we understand many couples feel under time pressure. We will work together on your hormones, tests, diet, your home, your cycle, supplements, and more.

At Nourishing Apothecary we believe everyone that wants to start a family should be given the option to, so we fully support all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and treat everyone equally.

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Please contact us to see if we can work together my email is jaime@nourishingapothecary.com