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Green Nutritionals: Green Superfoods- 120 capsules

Green Nutritionals: Green Superfoods- 120 capsules

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A unique blend of the World’s 5 most nutrient-rich superfoods, GreenSUPERFOODS contains a natural super-rich spectrum of wholefood nutrients including powerful plant pigments and carotenoids, plant enzymes, complete plant protein, organic vitamins, minerals and trace elements, all in one exceptional product. This high potency green powder supplement delivers a load of positive health and vitality benefits in one convenient blend.

GreenSUPERFOODS contains

  • Organic Spirulina
  • Organic Chlorella
  • Australian Organic Barleygrass
  • Wheatgrass
  • Organic Marine Plant Minerals

These amazing products are the Kings of organic green superfood.

We've left out are the 'filler' ingredients, such as bulk fibre and insignificant amounts of herbs and synthetic vitamins that provide little to no health benefits, ensuring that gram for gram you get the most nutrient-rich and bioavailable superfood supplement possible ... a real Super Natural Multi.

One serve is 3 capsules 

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